Here comes the sun 

Tonight’s darkness hovered without relief like storm clouds blanketing the mid-western sky, ruining my delightful date with dreams dancing in my head, strangling my whimsy. 

Fear fretted away at my peace. Wearing away layer after layer until I lay almost naked and threadbare, fragile like veins under the transparent fabric of old skin. 

All of me exposed on a cold metal sheet holding the contents of my life I pray, Dear God, let no one die today. I was speaking of my own loss but fell in the river of restless grief that overflowed with pleading tides. I couldn’t just pray for me. 

My dog, one of my beating hearts is ill tonight. I pace as he does around me at night when he thinks I am in need. Tonight I am in need of his repair. So I pray and pace for him as he does for me, until the morning sun.



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