What supports us at night

Why is this all you have? Resting every night on basic needs and temporary comfort. Where is the beauty and the softness and the joy?  Wouldn’t you want to lay your head on that too?

Look at the place where we rest our heads. Offering us slumber for a night or two and you may see that where we lie is not a place of content but a dug out scoop of earth. A path worn down with the middle carved out. A street or road we have walked our whole life. Not necessarily offering us new destinations, only the comfort and security of remembered footsteps so familiar we don’t realize we have stopped dreaming.

I think about where you sleep? Inflated corners only meant to hold us for a day or two. Not intended to support us like the pages of the Bible. Why is this all you have?

You dream of love.

You are love.

But I hope you love yourself enough to wrap your beauty and grace in silk and fine threads. I hope you love yourself enough that your place of rest can hold your dreams and carry you like a Phoenix rising. I hope where you lay your head at night is like a pillow of gold. A resting place meant for a king.


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