A Gold Mine

A thief  walks in, he wants to find gold. He always wants more and wages the gold in his clenched fist . He knows he is among the greedy. 

The Crowd gathers close and tight watching every move of the man who promises to double their earnings. The hungry men salivate over thoughts of new treasures, each one bigger and better than his neighbor. As the men begin to brawl, the thief gently pries loose the wages and possessions from each hand of each man. The thief knows that if we hunger like wolves for our neighbors gold, then we will let loose what we already possess deeming it old junk like tattered sheets in the wind.

When the crowd settles down they see the thief is gone. Not one man saw the magic that took place. They laughed and boasted about the clever fox who got nothing from them and is not so clever after all.

It wasn’t until morning when they woke up with sand castle sheets under clear blue skies that they realized they had lost everything. 

These men wanted more. They wanted new beginnings but only to add in addition to what was already deemed theirs. 

You can’t want what is greater while holding onto what has been. Your greatest treasures will return to the sea, having never been washed ashore.


– “To reach for something greater, you must first let go of what’s in your hand.”

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