Why me? Why this? Why now? 

Why Parkinson’s? Why at 38? Why just months after having my daughter, my second child. Why after I shared with him that I thought I might have Parkinson’s did he leave. Why did he go to her? Why was she waiting for him? Why did you have to whisper it to me in my dreams? Why didn’t he just tell the truth?

Why does everyone on the bus or on the train look at me? Why does it get worse when I try to hide it? Why don’t you understand ? Why don’t you help me? 

Why is everyone around me so old? Why did you give me an old person’s disease? Why does this feel cruel and heartless knowing I am scared of getting old? Why am I bending forward, and stumbling and forever looking for handrails and any means of support? Why do I feel like I’m always apologizing for my presence. 

Why am I broken? Why is my brain not working properly? Why am I losing dopamine? What is dopamine? Where can I get more of it? 

When is it going to get bad? When is it going to get really bad? Why am I going to lose my voice when I have just found the pages to my story?

When are you going to tell me why I am alone? Why are your promises not being heard?Why is it so hard to reach you? 

Why do bad things happen to good people?



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