Today was a good day, a Sunday, my favorite day of the week. Sunday is a day of rest. In Hebrew, rest, means to cease. God created and on the seventh day he ceased. He stopped working and took a step back. He didn’t “rest” out of exhaustion, he ceased to admire the beauty of his kingdom.

If you have ever been in the delivery room when a baby is being born, you might remember that moment when the baby, as long as he or she appears healthy, is first born. There’s this stillness. Everyone stops working. The delivery room and all who are in it, pause and pay their respect to what has just occurred. The creation of a human being deserves some reverence. Everyone marvels at the beginning of life.

As well as death.

It’s the sacred passage from one dimension to another.

From Work to Play

From Asking and receiving to

Giving to.

From offering love.

And Finding peace.

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