What have you been up to?

Sobbing. Sharing. Silently swimming with sharks? Wailing in the middle of the night. Living left out. Lost. Learning how hard life really is. Losing. Laying around on the floor, bed or bathroom. Calling. Coughing up confessions. Dying daily or at least feeling that way some of the time. Dreaming for a moment in daylight. Dragging out the past in garbage bags. Letting it all go. Really, I have lived it already. Thinking. Trading thoughts and time, making them happier than they probably were. Wandering. Wishing. Wanting to start over then realizing you’re just now learning how to play.



  1. rob beers

    Wow. Amazing post. Like a dance in words. I do hope that the lack of recent posts does not mean that you have stopped and that you are well and healthy in this current environment. Your words are very moving and encouraging.


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