I was out chasing a dream when you called.


I have a habit of dreaming.

You were to busy to hear, I too young to wait.

We tried to understand with no real way of

Hearing the truth.

And that is why I left.

I couldn’t stand on shattered glass when the

World fell on me.

And you didn’t believe…me.

When you wanted answers.

I couldn’t speak.

I heard what you called me when you walked away.

I didn’t answer because I didn’t know.

I didn’t know because I didn’t understand.

I didn’t understand because it wasn’t my fault.

I was a child.

You didn’t believe…me

I know

I’m sorry for not saying goodbye.

I have a habit of dreaming

that miles make way for forgiveness and open road a chance at new life.

That is where I’ve been all these years,

Living the endless catastrophe of youth.

I am a woman now.

I am weary.

Hurt people hurt people.

It is the riptide of the human condition.

I know.


A mother becomes a friend.

Two women helplessly in love,

Forever searching for new ways to say

I love you.




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