Two wrongs don’t make a right

I didn’t think we would get back together. Not really. It was more of a dream that lingered past my awakening. It was a pleasant thought to wake up with. 

Getting back together has that new car smell. The excitement that comes with a new purchase. You’re now the girl with the shiny new toy. And because you have moved on from your past, no one around you will know the history. Which by the way never fully stays in the past. Not when the two of you are together. You are like oil and water, night and day. You don’t have much in common and come from two completely different worlds. 

This is reality. It’s the day after, or a few miles down the road. The confetti has been swept up and thrown away. The sold sticker on the windshield is dog-eared. You have been around your ex long enough to remember that thing he does with his mouth that just drives you insane. Nobody is cheering for you anymore, the girl with the shiny new toy. It’s just you and the open road. You and many days ahead when you won’t know how to fix it. You and your ex on the side of the road out of gas and maybe out of love. 

It always works out in our dreams. Complete with a happy ending. There’s a reason new things are so hard to pass up. It’s because we can imagine a new ending. We can tell a different story than the one you are listening to now. Where the road is still open for miles.


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