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Stephen King writes 365 days a year. That’s everyday. Even Christmas, and Thanksgiving, and on Sunday’s, and every other day an excuse seems completely appropriate. Excuses always seem appropriate. It’s easy to find support when you’ve taken a cheat day, or one day off from writing, right? Whose going to call you out and remind you of your intentions when it’s just one day? Just one day?

I don’t know. All I know is what Stephen King said and he said everyday, as in 365 days a year. That would include Christmas. Isn’t that great? Having such a strong attachment to something that you don’t want to miss one day of practice. I guess it is a practice. Writing, meditating, prayer, anything we intend to do well is going to need practice, and commitment. I mean what exactly are we really doing on those cheat days that we can’t find…

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