No Where Near

I am no where near the woman I am meant to become.

I got lost and took a wrong turn.

I followed him thinking he would lead me home.

He didn’t know the way.



  1. Dwane Hodges

    There are those who thank God for the woman you did become. The road you took led you to us. The power of your humanity has positively affected others for a long time, and continues to do so. Thank you, and thank God for you.


  2. Valerie

    I am learning about what you have been diagnosed with for the first time today. Ricochet was on television the other day and I recall mentioning, just causally, “My goodness, she (meaning you) is so beautiful.” I’ve seen you in other movies (Internal Affairs; Deep Cover etc.) and thought you had a soft powerful-ness about you as a talented actress, I can only characterize it that way. It’s a new year–2020. I hope God shows you special favor and clears PD out of your system, and makes you completely new–setting you back on that special path you would love to be on. God’s blessings to you Victoria.


  3. Nelson Filipe Saraiva Silva

    I am no where near the “person” I am meant to become.

    I got lost and took a wrong turn.

    I followed “them” thinking “they” would lead me home.

    “They” didn’t know the way.

    Allow me to adapt this one.

    I wish you the best


  4. Chavetta L Carter

    Understanding and embracing me was difficult.. Primarily because who I am as a woman was often overlooked because shifted toward using a man to validate my status in life. I love your quote and am definitely including it on my personal inspirational quotes board. God bless!7

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