Everyday Living

Less thinking and more feeling. Less questions and more faith. Less worry and more will.

Less fear and more freedom. Less anger and more fun. Less control and more surrender. 

Less opinions and more decisions. Less options and more trust. Less control and more vision.

Less talk and more silence.

The death of me.



  1. H. Foster

    The will of life. The will of love. The will of happiness. The will of freedom. When a necessary end comes, thy shall look back and ask? Was there less anger? Was there less sadness? Was there less fear? Was there less burden?
    Thy shall have faith that peace will consume me for thy have strived to be upright and my spirit shall be set free.

    H. Foster.


      1. H. Foster

        I humbly thank you for your reply Ms. Dillard. However, your words inspired my reply. Therefore, credit must go to you as well.

        As I have read your body of work, I find myself longing to rekindle my own passion of writing. Thank you!

        While we dwell in life, we search for the meaning of it all. In the end we shall find that it lives within us.

        H. Foster.


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