Running out

I may have a problem. I think my life is running out. I think it’s going down the drain and out into the sea. The problem is I can’t stop it, no more than I can stop time, or waste or regret. Or Parkinson’s, or insomnia or the accumulation of years. 

I may have a problem not so easy to solve. It may be underneath, under the drain, within the pipes. 

Rust. Corrosion. Break down.

I may have a problem that is in need of repair. I may be in need of healing. Rest. Or at the very least, would somebody show me how to fill myself up again.



  1. Scott Ray

    Your time is limited, as it is for all. However, I want to give you a
    professional adventure with the following question:
    Would you be interested in doing a Star Trek convention in 2018? I would like to discuss with you or a representative about doing a major one.


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