Ingredients of Love

Love is difficult because I make it difficult  bringing it with me as if it were my companion and not you, placing it in between us like the seat divider you pull down and rest your elbow on that also distinguishes and separates  space.  I have no idea I’ve asked difficulty to join us when we are together,  I thought it was an unwelcome guest that appeared at all of my functions.

As a matter of fact, difficulty, struggle, and caution have always been by my side in all my affairs of the heart and not until this moment did I ever notice the tight space in which I try to love. Being in love was as difficult as maintaining flight without freedom. Just too heavy and burdened to get off the ground. 

This can change. I can show up alone without the burdens of the past, without the wedge that keeps me on one side and you on the other. I’m willing to fold into you and become the ingredients of love.



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