Who has time?

I haven’t had the time. We should be able to purchase time, or save up time for a rainy day. Time should fall from the sky like tiny rain drops. Warm April rain drops that puddle up in pockets along the road and call us out of our adult skin kicking off our shoes letting our feet get wet and our toes tickled. Time brings us joy and when we see young people walking in masses taking up city blocks laughing louder than mass transit we smile at them with envy curled in the corner of our lips because we know they have pockets full of time.

I run out of time everyday. I’m malnourished always needing more never fully fed . I borrow time subtracting minutes from sleeping time so I can have the time to talk to write to love. All those silly little things I want for myself always leave me short on time. Short on time leaves me out of breath. Constantly bargaining trading negotiating like a vendor who needs to sell his wares lest they sit above him on the heads of monkeys while he sleeps. 

I have traded this time. This nocturnal time. The best time in the world. So rich and dreamy like chocolate time filling my mouth and soul with sweet moments of pleasure. I need this kind of time always. Bubble bath time. Lazy afternoon nap time. Middle of the night poetry time. This is all the time I need. 

Time. Precious time to make this life be what you want it to be. To slice it and savor each bite sharing  with a friend or  alone. discarded coins of time trampled over millions of pedestrian feet who haven’t got the time to care.


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