Can I have more please?

You don’t think about these things in the beginning. You’re in love. It’s perfect. Everything is perfect. And everyone around you agrees, at least that’s what you remember. Maybe you did rush into it. It was the only one you looked at. Remember you felt really lucky that no one else had seen it. You even thought it was a sign that it was meant to be, you always thought everything was a sign that it was meant to be, even though it really was small and barely big enough for your junk. But you loved it and there you go, happy for a good couple of years. 

Now you want more. Not just a little more but a lot more. You have finally given yourself permission to stretch out and even make a demand or two on life. Only now you have a family who have mouths that are always open like baby chicks in a nest. You’ve given and given again and given some more. Now your pockets are empty, you’re empty, your spirit is wrung dry.

The giving has to stop, like a merry go round that keeps spinning, it’s the same old motion of you giving, the world taking. Giving, taking. Giving, taking. Round and around we go. Never stopping, never pausing, never jumping off and trying something new, something you want to try with this one red ticket left in your pocket.

Now it’s you that wants. So you start today. You begin your journey towards joy. Your joy. Your laughter. Your ride on the merry go round, if that’s the one you want. 

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