The random, ridiculous thoughts of night

2:31am – Anything can happen at anytime 

That’s why we have hospitals and police stations and 7 Eleven. All these 24 hour establishments that are filled with people waiting to see what you have gotten yourself into. Years ago, when I lived in Los Angeles, I joined a 24 hour gym, and actually went one night around 2:00 in the morning. It was about the dumbest thing I have ever done. The man next to me looked like a serial killer or at the very least looked like he had some freaky knowledge of dismembering tools. I drove home with my head facing behind me. I don’t ever remember looking at the road and when I got home I drove through my front door and parked my car in my living room. I slept in the glove compartment.

2:47am – When did I start bringing my IPad to bed with me?

I think it was last night or the night before when I woke up with some random thought or idea and not even awake, eyes open, or anything I slipped my hand under the comforter and grabbed my iPad. Then I had the audacity to roll over to my left, grab the charger and plug it in. This can’t be healthy and what the hell is going on that I’m sharing pillow time with Bill Gates.

3:01am – If I move my refrigerator to the other wall, I can make my kitchen my bedroom.

3:03am – I’m seriously thinking about going into the yoga mat business. Yoga mats as the new bed. Easy clean up and storage. Sleep anywhere you damn please.

3:06am – If I sold my dog, I could pay off my Visa bill.

3:08am – Just kidding Oreo. You know mommy loves you.

3:09am –  The kitchens kind of cozy. 

3:15am – Oreo hates me.

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