Laughter makes a girl feel young

The real me stripped down is fine standing in front of you naked so long as you don’t laugh or giggle even though the punchline kept us laughing most of the night and even this morning just a mention of it got you going again and the milk  you spit out of your mouth was the perfect spit take only there was no camera to catch the moment so instead we made our own gag reel by refilling your mouth with milk over and over again making us late for our appointments but we didn’t care because now we were in each other’s arms and the giggling had quieted down and there was no more laughter and we had to work hard at it because it was so damn funny but laughing now would be totally inappropriate and rude and quite frankly not all that unreasonable I mean we aren’t twenty anymore and things have changed and sometimes walking to the bathroom you pass the hallway mirror we call the funny mirror because it’s warped and makes everyone look like a chicken if you don’t think that’s funny come over one day and we will show you but back to my point which is there are a million reasons to laugh at my mid life body but the reason I treasure you so is you find the one spot of absolute perfection making me feel gorgeous all over again and by the way you’re gorgeous too so let’s not ruin it with any more chatter turn down the lights and come close to me.

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