Worth his weight in Gold

I had to explain to my son the meaning of value. We were talking about his father and the absence of a relationship between them.I said to my son, people invest their time and money on what they value, what is important to them. Different things are important to different people. It’s a personal statement on usefulness and worth.

I also said that it reveals a persons principles or standards of behaviors. You can sit back and see one’s judgement of what’s important in one’s life. His father had given him nothing.

“How much are you worth?” I asked him. If you had to asses your worth, what would it be?”

“A lot.” He answered with a hint of uncertainty.

“How much are you worth to me?” I asked. This time his response was quick and easy,  

“A lot!” He replied

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“Yes, absolutely!” He said with a smile.

We very quietly looked at each other for a moment. I saw his weight shift and settle. I wiped the final tear of insecurity and unworthiness from his cheek. He was letting go and taking hold all at once. His value in himself increasing. His worth soaring. It was a demonstration in faith. His release from worldly favor. I could only pray that while his hands were still raised, that he would reach for God.

“I love you.” I say to him.

He comes to me and we embrace.

He understands.


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