A Nose Knows

Have you ever heard of Chemical Communication? 

It’s what dogs do when they sniff each other’s butts. They are actually gathering information.

So what about the smell of poop? Wouldn’t that get in the way? The answer is no because dogs are able to separate the two. 

Okay so your dog can meet another dog, sniff his butt and determine his diet, his overall health and his emotional state.  Here’s the thing! Without the bullshit. That’s how honest dogs are. They can sniff past the shit to see if your cool.

How many heartbreaks could we save ourselves from if we could follow Fido’s footsteps. I didn’t say shove your nose up your boyfriends ass. But let’s give this some thought, not just for getting the facts about your boo but sniffing our own tails to see how honest we are, or if we are full of ****  too.

Happy hunting!

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