Beauty Project

What are these conversations about? Who is the face behind the spray can that writes it’s message over a work of art? What is so important that you must talk over the person at the mike. What do you want to say? 

You know art is a form of self expression. It is a dialogue. All you seem to be saying is riddled with Abusive language. Did someone hurt you?

This tunnel was supposed to be beautiful. It was colored with the fingers and brushes of neighborhood children. It was a work of art in the middle of daily life. Why did you deficate on it? Telling these children to watch out in this world, someone may use their dreams like a toilet and flush away any hopes of them getting away.

The whispers of hate and violence and lost dreams swirl around the heads of pedestrians brave enough to walk this funhouse. 

To all the tagged artist whose creativity goes unnoticed  or worse, stepped on, ignored. Don’t crush the dreams of those who still have hope and unbridled talent. Let them see that green grass is beautiful, that their neighborhood is beautiful, that their tunnel of cement isn’t just a way to transfer their feet from one place to the next, but is also a canvas  a microphone they can stand in front of and tell us who they are. 


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