Red light,Green light 123

Remember this childhood game? 

Red light, Green light, 1-2-3?  

Everyone stands in a line. 

The leader turns away. You try to be the first person to tag the leader. If she spins around and catches you moving, you go back to the beginning and start over. In order to win, you have to be able to stop moving and freeze before she catches you. The game continues until someone is able to tag the leader.

Now, play this game for the rest of your life. 

Play it on the way to work. 

In rain, sleet and snow. 

Play it at 4am stumbling to the bathroom. Play it on your anniversary in sexy lingerie and high heels. Play it at your child’s ballet recital or soccer game. Play it while everyone in Manhattan is trying to get on the A train and you are right there in the front with determination and will but your light is out, your signal is on the off switch. 

What do you do? You apologize for being different. For being slow, frozen in time. 

This game never stops. 

Red light, Green light, 123

Red light, Green light, 1 2 3

Res light, Green light, 123

This game goes on for life. So does Parkinson’s.

For now.

Red light, green light 123


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