One pill, Two pills, Red pills, Blue pills

One pill.

Two Pills.

Red pills.

Blue pills.

Move pills

Be still pills

Keep from falling down pills

This one helps you when you’re stuck.

This one picks you right back up

Having Parkinson’s is just my f****** luck

Yes, Some are red.

And some are blue.

Why do all the patients look old.

Matter of fact, so do you.

Some are sad.

Others look worse

Me, this whole experience has me feeling like I want to burst.
Who are they? These frozen, bent over faces.

Having conversations in their heads.

These people, the forgotten ones, sit in wheelchairs and hum.

Call 911, Call 911, I think the lady who cares for me has a gun.

It all goes down with a swallow.

Maybe dear God you will make me better tomorrow.

One pill

Two pills

Red pills 

Blue pills

There is no rainbow in this sky.


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