Words will never hurt me. 

These words came from the mouth of someone I loved deeply,”I thought I wanted to be with you for the rest of my life, but I realize that I don’t.” Ouch!!!

These words came from a neighbor at a school fundraiser who mistook me for the other black woman on the block, “Oh my mistake” she says. “It’s really okay. We need one of you on the committee anyway.” Say what!!!

From someone I spoke to on the phone for close to an hour. BTW, he wasn’t calling to speak to me. This one wasn’t so bad. “Hello, this is Marlon Brando.” I told you! Not to shabby huh?

The day I stood on line for two hours with a friend who loved a certain nameless director and wanted an autograph. This was said regarding my role in “Coming to America,”right in my face in front of everyone. But wait, you need the full picture. He stands up, not much of a difference, sorry snarky I know, quiets everyone, Sshhh! Then looks at me and announces, “I told Eddie he would never get an intelligent woman to play that part.” 

“Bang, Zoom! To the moon Alice. To the moon!”

Never, ever forgotten!

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