: to destroy( something) in an ordinary way: to gradually cause (something) to come to an  end. 

: to take (something, such as a machine or structure) apart so that it is in separate pieces.

Dismantle– verb

Full Definition of Dismantle

1. To take to pieces; also: to destroy the integrity or functioning of.

2. To strip of dress or covering and lay bare barely breathing in the desert heat. Helpless to prey. To far from shore to be rescued.

3. To strip of furniture and equipment, on the side of the road out of gas and trust and hope. 

: to destroy(my marriage) in an ordinary way, a simple selfish way(an affair) to gradually cause(my husband) to break down and (my marriage) to come to an end.

Origin of dismantle

I could go back to the beginning, my beginning and tell you all about the sexual abuse I suffered as a teenager but that would only tell you why I didn’t or couldn’t say no. But it would be one part, one piece.

Then there’s the doing for others part. That’s a good part of the engine. Putting others wants first before my own.

Loneliness is in there too. Deep, bottom of the ocean pain. Years, lifetimes of searching for acceptance, for validation. 

And if I’m honest, pure immaturity. 


: annihilate, break up, break down, destroy, tear down, wreck.


: assemble, build, combine, construct, put together, raise.


Forgive again..

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