Is there anyway I can convince you to love me? 

To cherish me? To want to keep my feet off the ground.

Is there anyway I could convince you to hold me, and smile as your heart fills up and overflows with love.

Could we, two people, man and woman, facing the beginning of the end, apologize enough to each other to erase broken promises, disappointments, and unfulfilled dreams. Could we wipe away the dirt from our lenses and see each other fresh and young once again? But keeping our victories and strengths?

Let’s lay on our backs. On top of wild grass, toes touching, fingers laced together, and look up at the sky. Let’s remember our dreams and count them amongst the Milky Way. 

Let’s giggle and laugh and let ourselves melt. Let’s get nervous and tingle as we explore our love. Our pillows stacked high love with the sun rising on another day, talking and listening. Let’s go back to those illumined nights, under the crisp, cool sky, with stars so bright, we blinked and blinked at their discovery of our love.

Let’s think of things that make us laugh and grab our stomachs and wave our hands in defeat. Only this time, let’s not stop. Let’s keep going, keep laughing, keep holding, keep looking and listening to each other until the merriment and joy spill from our hearts. Then we will forever be the twinkle in eachother’s eyes.

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