Morning Pages


Woke up at 4am.

Unable to rest any longer. Wanted to get on the page, write something unique, powerful. But I have a sleepy brain crowded with all kinds of sleepy thoughts. 

Sleepy thoughts don’t sell. Their boring and make readers yawn. And readers who yawn, return books to their dusty shelves. Switch sites on blogs or delete you altogether. One click away from never being heard from again. From follower and friend to forgotten. What a mean cruel world. 

I would never delete you. I believe in second chances. Then again, maybe you don’t love the same way I do. Nobody’s perfect. Oh wait, that was snarly. My ex said I was snarly and I disagreed of course but I see his point. To bad I didn’t see this two years ago, I would still be in a relationship and not bitching at you for deleting me. 

Oh well, they say there’s someone for everyone, even snarly bitches like me. Okay I’m awake now but I’m pissed! Who does he think he is? I mean, we all have issues. His hairy back wasn’t a picnic in the park. Yeah, that’s right, you’re going down with me buddy. 

I like being alone. I can do what I want, when I want except sleep. If only I could sleep, snooze, doze, I would probably be a better person. A better person with a better blog. Hey, did you delete me by the way? I thought we were in the getting to know each other phase. Relationships take time. You might be deleting something you may never get back. 

Better yet, f *** it. Do what you want. What does Russell Simons say, “Do you.” Did he coin that? 

No, actually I’m better than that. If you take a look around, I pretty much put it all out there. That’s more the truth of who I am than anything else. The writing is me. 


Maybe I can get some sleep before the day begins. 

We will have better things to share.


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