Bake at 350

Okay personally, I’m over summer. I’m done sleeping in 80 degree nights waking up basting in sweat like some slow cooking roaster. I have no desire to sleep in my oven. 

I can’t get any cooler naked and I can’t get any more naked than naked. The children are already frightened enough and moan as they pass by my bedroom door peeking in to see their poor mother looking like a plucked chicken. It’s just bad all around. 

It’s bad for their development to witness such suffering. Moms should always look PTA ready, prepared to fight for their children, to rally, cheer, and bake like nobodies business. 

My kids, they got me, frizzy hair, clothes sticking to my back, pissed off all the time, I ain’t baking ****! Poor kids, momma needs to cool down. 

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