Now what? My mind is full of what ifs. What if someone doesn’t like what I wrote. I think I can handle that but what if I’m wrong.
I mean, what if I write about something and I’m wrong. What happens then?

See the site is starting to look pretty good, meaning worthy, a possible success. People might actually like what I’m writing about, so it only seems
normal and predictable that now I would start to panic a little. Start questioning myself, “Why did you want to do this again?”

It’s called Sabotage and its hot breath is whispering in my ear as we speak.
It’s questioning my decisions, “Did you really want to post that?” and maybe you
posted to fast, you should have waited.

I have that knot in the pit of my stomach that’s telling me I did something wrong. But you know what, if I did I did. I will make amends later.
And if I’m wrong, I’m wrong and I will apologize to all those I offended or
made them the subject of a misprint. It was not my intention.

My intention is to take risks. To throw my stuff out there and see what sticks.
Down the road I may start thinking about a brand and ways of earning income, but right now, my hands are full.

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