Write Now

Stephen King writes 365 days a year. That’s everyday. Even Christmas, and Thanksgiving, and on Sunday’s, and every other day an excuse seems completely appropriate. Excuses always seem appropriate. It’s easy to find support when you’ve taken a cheat day, or one day off from writing, right? Whose going to call you out and remind you of your intentions when it’s just one day? Just one day? 

I don’t know. All I know is what Stephen King said and he said everyday, as in 365 days a year. That would include Christmas. Isn’t that great? Having such a strong attachment to something that you don’t want to miss one day of practice. I guess it is a practice. Writing, meditating, prayer, anything we intend to do well is going to need practice, and commitment. I mean what exactly are we really doing on those cheat days that we can’t find fifteen minutes to write or do whatever our practice is asking us to do? Me personally, I’m swimming in resistance. Finding every reason not to write. The dishes are dirty, the floors are dirty, I’m dirty. The dog is hungry, the kids are starving, my hair is grey. On and on I go, back and forth, like swimming laps in a pool until I’m exhausted and uncomfortable, like I’ve just wasted a lot of time and now the guilt starts to rise like heartburn. I’m angry, disappointed and frustrated. I go into my kitchen, turn on a pot of water to make tea, and write. The words begin to break up the harsh feelings. The smooth flow of ink across the page feels something close to delight. It tickles like feathers around my feet. 

It makes my think how determined we are to fail or disappoint ourselves. We’re so willing to drop the ball on our dreams and so eager to console others who do the same. We should be warriors insisting we keep climbing and heading to the top. I think I know what’s at the top. It’s not a prize or a contract or a big check. It’s another day. Another sunrise to begin again. It’s the journey we’ve signed up to take. Why not take it for all it’s worth? Who knows how far we will get if we continue on. Don’t you ever wonder where you might end up if you didn’t stop? I’m scared too. That’s why I’m here. To help along the way.

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