Every One of Us

So here we are among the living. Breathing but still trying to figure out why. Some of us are hurting, lonely, or lost. Others thriving, laughing, happy. Where ever you find yourself on any given day, it matters. It’s life and it’s yours. Our lives are our stories, our reflections of our time spent figuring this whole crazy thing out. If our lives are meant for anything it’s to be shared.

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  1. Jonathan Patton

    Glad you have a page where we can reach out to you and express our thoughts about life. I’m still learning what this life means and would like to hear your thoughts on what it means to you. I believe humility is the way but this crazy world doesn’t want humble humans to exist in peace. Much success in all your endeavors. Would love to gift you with a humbleweare shirt if you’d like. Peace


  2. Monique

    Vicki! This is Monique Nicholson. We danced together at DTH, mid to late 80’s – blast from the past. The Monique with, “The turn-out of God.” (Homer Bryant). I remember you well from those times. I hope you are in good health and happy.
    Thinking about you.


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